Become An Expert Public Speaker – Structure Your Presentation

1. Getting it right

Your structure is the road-map that will make every step of your presentation feel comfortable and deliberate. Every good story has a beginning, a middle and an end – and so does every compelling presentation. Without structure, you will stumble through your speech like a child fumbling in the dark. A properly structured presentation will flow easily and naturally – and knowing where you are going is like a beam of light shining on the path ahead. No missteps, no embarrassing detours. Your audience will be drawn along with you as you lead them on a captivating journey of insight and discovery.

2. Having a logical, thought-through structure will help you

- Easily navigate your way through your presentation without getting lost, tripping up or repeating yourself
- Ensure that your audience stays with you for every step of the way
- Keep your timing on track
- Present with clarity and relevance
- Deal with any distractions or side-tracks elegantly and effortlessly

3. The 5 key elements of a well-structured presentation are

1. A gripping, no-nonsense opening statement
2. A consistent thread or theme which runs all the way through
3. Content divided into short chunks which hold the audience’s attention
4. A natural flow which carries the audience effortlessly
5. The inclusion of ‘hooks’ and buy-in moments which keep the audience awake and alert
6. A well structured presentation is like a detailed map…

Having a clear, thought-through structure to your presentation is like having a personalised, detailed map, with your route clearly marked with a bright pink highlighter!

There are sign-posts and key markers all along the way, making it impossible for you to get lost, or waste time on an irrelevant detour.

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