Commercial Real Estate Agents – Why You Need a Top Sales Pitch and Presentation

In commercial real estate sales and leasing, you need to develop a good sales pitch and presentation system. The entire process needs to be unique to you and relevant to your property type. In this way you can tap into the opportunities that each client and property presents.

It is no secret that the current property market has challenges of various types including slower rates of enquiry, competition from other agents, and a general abundance of unsold or vacant properties. The time on market to achieve a result is also generally longer in most cases and with most properties. For these very reasons, every property that is taken to the market for sale or for lease needs to be carefully considered and matched into the required strategies and solutions that you know will bring about the best results. On this basis, your presentation or sales pitch really does need to drill down into the key factors that are appropriate for the property and the client.

Here are some key reasons to develop your pitch and practice your presentation system.

  1. You need to show confidence and relevance when it comes to every property listing presentation. In the first instance the confidence and relevance will be directly applicable to the property, and secondly applicable to you as a specialist local real estate agent. Taking the property to the market is not an experiment and on that basis correct choices need to be shown and made.
  2. Give good strategies to the client based on the property type, price, rent, marketing, location, and the competition. The client should be briefed on the trends of the current property market and where their property will sit amongst the competition.
  3. Show the various marketing solutions and alternatives that are available. Your successes with other properties of similar type should be explained and illustrated. If you have worked on any properties similar to this one, show the client what you did, and how it worked.
  4. Identify the target market so the client can clearly see the type of tenant or buyer that you will be focusing on. Explain to them how you will be tapping into that target market and what the target market expects of properties today. To help the discussion, you can add photographs of the subject property and similar properties to a slide show and have that running on your laptop during the discussion. Simple pictures are worth 1000 words.
  5. The marketing of a property today is more direct and personal. It takes real effort on the part of the salesperson to achieve a good property outcome for the client. The days of generic advertising and waiting for a result are well gone. Show the client how you will be doing specific things relevant to the property, and what feedback you will provide as part of the process.
  6. Tell the client about current property enquiry and show them the size of your database. It is likely that you can take qualified prospects in your database to the property even before the advertising commences. Tell the client of the activity and opportunity so they can see the extra value that you bring to the listing.
  7. Remove the competitors as potential threats to your listing by being remarkably better and different in the presentation. The property owner or client wants the best agent that can solve their property pain quickly and effectively. Develop your strategy clearly so that the client can see that you are the best solution to help them.
  8. Address the clients concerns as part of your presentation. The client will have issues and key questions that need resolve as they take their property to the market. Hopefully you will have identified those in earlier discussions or perhaps the inspection of the property with the client. That will then allow you to merge your answers into the final pitch and presentation process. Relevance is everything in solving their problems.
  9. Give the client a process to proceed so they can see the road ahead in solving their property problems. One of the best tools available for this process is a Gantt chart. You can build your entire listing, marketing, and inspection process and presentation through the display of a Gantt chart. It helps the client see exactly what is going to occur and why. It puts stages to the process, and logic to the listing decisions made. One simple Gantt chart will do more for your listing presentation than 50 pages of words in some stuffy proposal.

So all of these things come together effectively and efficiently to help your sales pitch and presentation process. Develop a model that works for you and the property type that you specialise on. Very soon you will find that your listings are converting better than those of your competition. Always remember to seek exclusive listings for a reasonable period of agency appointment. Open listings are a waste of time and an exercise in luck. Any client that wants to list their property openly across a number of agencies is conducting an experiment in marketing that will usually fail.

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