Nursing Resume Template Presenting Yourself Professionally

A nursing resume template is the key to making your resume reflect your proficiency in your career field. There is currently a nationwide shortage of competent nurses. Despite this shortage, your resume still needs to appear professional. You need to stand out, capture the employer’s attention. Employers consider quality to be better than quantity so do not assume they’ll hire you simply because they’re short-handed. Your resume functions as the first introduction between you and a potential employer. It should clearly state your skills, experience, and education matching these to the employer’s needs.

Nursing is a field where education, skills, experience, and professionalism meet. Every applicant will have similar training and education so you’ll need to find a way to stick out from the crowd. Employers are looking for self-starters, people who can bring ideas to improve the department and have the drive to make them happen. Don’t forget when describing your work duties to mention any achievements you earned or special skills you acquired. Include a list of your certificates and specializations; employers will be impressed by your well-rounded skill set. Remember that nurses do not only fill out paperwork and change IVs, they have constant contact with the patients and their families. Respect and empathy are key traits in successful nurses, features that should be stressed in your resume. A nursing resume template can help you emphasize your experience in the field and your value as an employee, by presenting your information in a easy to read, professional format.

Did you serve on any boards or committees in the past? Did you have a grade point average (GPA) of 3.5 or higher? What about volunteering? Be sure to include that kind of information on your resume; extras like that are very appealing to employers.

When you have finished your resume, be sure to look it over from the perspective of the potential employer, tie your skills to their needs. Have a friend or family member scan your resume and see if they can identify key details within twenty seconds. If not, consider arranging information differently or highlighting specifics. Employers or hiring managers need to see at a glance that you’re the obvious front-runner for the job! A resume that doesn’t have a professional appearance can give the impression you’re not a serious applicant.

Today’s economic environment has created a drought for many career fields, but many medical careers are still seeing growth in the availability of jobs, nursing is one of them. Set yourself apart and present yourself professionally with a nursing resume template.

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